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AMD Grub Late Launcher


The intent of this project is to extend Grub with the ability to call the AMD SKINIT instruction.


The AMD SKINIT instruction is a means to initiate a "late launch" that establishes a Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement (DRTM). The instruction call requires the system to be in a specific state as enumerated below, * SVM check, either the EFER.SVME bit is set to 1 or the feature flag CPUID Fn8000_0001_ECX[SKINIT] is set to 1 * The CPU must be in protected mode * All microcode needs to be unloaded


Grub will be extended with the following capabilities, * An SKINIT relocator that will, 1. set protected mode 2. enable APIC 3. verify no machine check in progress 4. clear machine check regs 5. SKINIT as final instruction * A late launch loader that will, 1. load kernel starting at 0x100000, compatibility with a Linux Secure Loader 2. verify SVM is supported 3. disable all TPM localities 4. evict microcode 5. send INIT IPI to all APs

Last update: November 30, 2021