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Provided are definitions of terms used throughout TrenchBoot's documents and designs to encourage a common vocabulary and understanding.

Dynamic Launch

A system launch that can be done repeatedly with the execution code able to reside at different locations in memory. This is sometimes referred to as a "Late Launch".

Explicit Trust

When a trustor has explicitly established a degree of trust with a trustee.

Implicit Trust

When a trustor has relied upon a trustee to establish a degree of trust with another trustee.

Root of Trust

An idempotent mechanism whereby the result is used to assert a fact about the entity it acted upon.

Static Launch

A system launch that is a one time execution with the execution code at a fixed location in memory.

Transitive Trust

An operation conducted by a trustor that consists of one or more mechanisms used to assess one or more facts about a trustee before allowing the trustee to be included within the trustor's trust boundary and delegated the authority to act as a trustor.


Assured reliance on the properties, ability, strength, or truth of an entity.

Trust Anchor

The result of a Root of Trust mechanism that is a fact being relied upon to assert correctness, e.g. trustworthiness.

Trust Boundary

A demarcation that identifies a subset of entities as those that a trustor has explicitly or implicitly established as trustworthy.


An entity that is trusted by another entity.


An entity that establishes a degree of trust of another entity.

Last update: November 30, 2021